What is Crowdsoucing?

Crowdsourcing has been in the spotlight ever since its inception in 2006. It is a promising business practice with limitless possibilities that offers rewards for businesses and consumers alike. Crowdsourcing best describe as a process whereby organizations outsource work that is normally done by internal staff and contractors to an undefined group of people. This allows for a high level of interactivity and collaboration between organizations and consumers, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

Benefits of Crowdsourcing:

  • Problem-solving is explored for very little cost or no cost at all
  • Participants experience collaborative brand-building
  • Companies gain consumer insights
  • Talent outside of the organization is discovered
  • Talented laypeople are given a chance to stand out
  • Companies gain full rights to the materials

For Businesses, crowdsourcing presents an opportunity to lower expenses while maintaining their creative and operational footing in the marketplace. Rather than hiring expensive engineers, designers and other specialists, companies can tap the creative and inspired talents of the masses for the accomplishment of these same tasks, often at little or no cost.

Crowdsourcing continues to prove to be a plausible way that businesses can use to reach the mass intellligence. Instead of expensive R&D costs that may not necessarily provide accurate information about a client's likes and dislikes, crowdsourcing through interactive media and technology offers is an indispensable tool in market research that allows companies to really understand their consumers.

Outsourcing Graphic Design Tips

Graphic Design Outsourcing is an increasing demand for almost any businesses today. This requires great graphic design, however because of the global economic crisis that we go through companies who need graphic design for the business only had a limited budget and may not allow hiring a full time graphic designer. This is why outsourcing is often the best solution.

Companies specialized in graphic design should acquire the best knowledge and expertise in the market that is most suitable for any company’s needs, target audience, competitors and other areas in order to create the right kind of solution for your company. Very often design houses can offer anything from web-based graphic design to printed materials. Offshore design companies are also experienced in offshore web site development and different graphic design genres.

And if your company is one of the many companies that is looking for a graphic design outsourcing provider one of the most important things to consider is whether or not they are capable of giving you what you’re looking for. It’s absolutely important that you should realize they have the capabilities of providing or producing a graphic design piece that will effectively communicate and interpret your idea.

By outsourcing your graphic design needs you can concentrate on other things that are important to your business. Just make sure to choose carefully your company’s graphic outsourcing provider. Make a research about the company first and look at their graphic design portfolio’s that way you have the edge of having an excellent graphic design fitted to your business needs.

The best offshore service provider marketplaces

If you are still not outsourcing work for your business then you are missing out on one of the best ways to save money and get quality work done that can help you grow your business and get ahead of your competitors. The positive effects of outsourcing jobs are now being experienced by those who were bold and innovative enough to hire individuals from other countries for certain jobs.

This is where you can find the most popular and easy to use outsourcing companies.

ODESK - This is the most trusted freelance outsourcing companies on the internet, it has go guarantees jobs that one has to bid and once you are successful you will do the job and get paid, “Hire, manage, and pay a distributed work team as if everyone were in your office”. Odesk pays it’s freelancer by either check, or debit card.

SCRIPTLANCE - If you require professional programming or website design for your business, whether its a long-term job or just a single project, you will find the help you need here at the prices you want to pay. No matter how big or small your budget is, freelancers from around the world will compete for your business at ScriptLance.

RENTACODER - is a specialized outsourcing site focusing on coding of software. Their slogan is "How software gets done." If you don't have the skills or just don't have the time and would rather spend time on marketing your site. Then Rent A Coder is the site for you.

GURU - Is also one of the trusted online outsourcing companies that offers freelance jobs, guru also have a variety of jobs to choose from as in the case of oDesk and Elance provider. One has to bid for these freelance jobs and only if you are successful is when the you are contacted to do the job

ELANCE - The most popular site for a broad range of outsourcing tasks from web design, software to sales and marketing even virtual assistants.

GETAFREELANCER - the best - offshore service provider marketplace with thousands of programmers and over 100 new projects posted every day. Main project categories: Programming, Web design, Web development, Script installation, Site promotion, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Data Processing.

CONTRACTEDWORK - Another large offshore service provider marketplace. Like eLance it has not only projects for programmers/IT, but many others.

Outsourcing is the present and the future of business and if you are not on the bandwagon yet, then it's high time to hop on to benefit from its positive effects.

HP's IT and business process outsourcing under review

Exec spills beans on potential divestment.

Hewlett-Packard is conducting a strategic review of the information technology and business process outsourcing assets that came with its 2008 acquisition of EDS, a senior executive said on Wednesday.

"Inside ITO and BPO, (we're) conducting reviews to see which ones fit with HP's strategy and which ones bring the best value for the corporation," Joe Eazor, senior vice president and general manager, EDS, said in response to an analyst's question about divesting these assets.

Eazor was speaking at the 2009 Citi Technology Conference in New York.

Sources told Reuters last month that HP was considering selling or shutting parts of its outsourcing business to focus on the higher-margin areas of its technology services business.

HP, which bought EDS last year for US$13 billion, intends to keep those parts of the business process outsourcing operation that complement its hardware and software offerings, Eazor said.

"The focus will be on those areas that provide the greatest amount of leverage," Eazor said.

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Graphic Designs in Bussiness

Can you imagine life without graphic designs? Today's world is full of designs which you might have take for granted out of sheer volume. In every aspect of our lives from the moment we wake up till the time we go home, we see graphics everywhere. It has become a part of our lives and businesses too.
Businesses use Graphic Design in various ways for their marketing paraphernalias such as posters, newsletters, banners, flyers, logos, brochures, business cards, letterheads, websites and etc.

What is Graphic Design Anyway?

Graphic design is the use of graphic elements and text to communicate ideas or information to specific audiences. It refers to a number of artistic and professional disciplines which focuses on visual communication and presentation. Various methods are used to mainly combine symbols, images or words, in order to create a visual presentation. Moreover, graphic design is commonly-used to make marketing materials in businesses such as magazines, advertisements, logo, web design and more so.
Graphic designers or graphic artist, as sometimes called, are the ones responsible for creating unique and amazing graphic designs that we see in our daily lives. They mainly plan, analyze and create visual solutions to communicate an idea to both a general and targeted audience. In today's businesses, graphic artists are in demand since only they have the creative ingenuity of effectively getting a business' message across media platforms whether via print, electronic or film.
Graphic design when done successfully by graphic designers, attracts attention, enhances the message you are sending and adds credibility to your business believe it or not.

Characteristics of a Good Graphic Designer

* A good graphic designer can communicate a message through design.
* A good graphic designer build trust and confidence in companies and helps in brand development.
* A good graphic designer can enhance the image of advertising.
* A good graphic designer welds artistic concepts.
* A good graphic designer is legible.
* A good graphic designer creates appealing and attractive design.
* A good graphic designer is unique.
* A good Graphic designer considers cognitive, cultural, physical, and social factors in planning and executing designs for the target audience
* A good Graphic Designer gather relevant information by meeting with clients, creative or art directors, and by performing their own research.

Graphic Design is important, it simply creates balance between design and technology. Bear in mind that visual effects is far more effective than written communication, even the subtlest emotion are conveyed.

Article by: Lazymask.com